Natalia Magdalena is a young singer-songwriter from Rotterdam. With her very emotional, personal songs she tries to reach the listeners' hearts. Although she finds lyrics a very important part of her music, ''you have a voice that makes the lyrics be forgotten'' is what she heard from Michel Ebben during Jong Quite Quiet in Delft, The Netherlands.

She started playing music when she was very young. She took singing lessons since she was six and started playing violin at age of seven. Right now she plays many instruments, such as guitar, piano and ukulele.
Before moving to The Netherlands, she participated in many singing competitions and performed a lot in Poland and Czech Republic.

Since 2015 Natalia Magdalena has been an active musician in The Netherlands. In April 2015 she played in rockopera Jesus Christ Superstar (i.a. as stand-in for Maria Magdalena). In fall of 2015 she participated in Jong Quite Quiet. Her debut EP ''Little Songs'' will be released in summer of 2016.